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Expect Solitude From Raising Your Standards

by | Nov 2, 2022

Choose your inner circle WISELY. Your success in business and life has a lot to do with those who you surround yourself with.

Think hard about your current inner circle.

Are these people championing your SUCCESS?

Or are they poking fun at your ambitions?

Are these people providing VALUE to your life?

Or are they causing unnecessary levels of stress?

Are these people bringing out the BEST version of you?

Or are they energy vampires who suck the life out of you and encourage mediocrity?

This scrutiny goes for EVERYONE in your life by the way.

Including friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, mentors, coaches, acquaintances.

ANYONE who has a negative impact on your life or constantly questions your decisions…


This isn’t optional if you want to chase down your most ambitious desires and be happy.

It’s imperative you find people who champion your success.

And when you do this, you’ll notice the narrative change among your new inner circle.

They will push you to improve…

They’ll be genuine and intentional every single time you interact…

They won’t expect anything in return for supporting you…

They’ll help you take massive action in your life…

And they’ll do everything they can to help you achieve greatness.

That’s why, now, I have one friend in my inner circle.


And I feel fucking lonely.

But I know this is simply a transition between the relationships I once had…

And the new relationships I’ll establish along my journey that will be more meaningful; instead of holding me back.

This feeling of loneliness is temporary.

It’s part of the process.

It will pass.

I know that.

I also know that I’m not afraid of the solitude that comes from raising my standards.

And you shouldn’t be either.

Anything less cannot be tolerated.


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