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Winners Take Responsibility

by | Nov 3, 2022

I have ZERO empathy for people who walk around complacent.

For people who lack ambition.

For people who don’t execute consistently.

For people who whine and bitch about how the universe hates them.

These people always bang their victim drum and point fingers at “circumstances” as to why their life sucks.

👉🏽 And by the way, if you’re someone who can’t handle the hard truth, exit this post now because it’s about to offend you…

The difference between people who are killing it in life and those who aren’t is this:

Winners take responsibility for their actions.




It’s an all inclusive mentality.

Finances. Mental Health. Career. Parenthood. Discipline. Relationships. Spirituality.

And everything in between.

This world is full of winners who literally wake up and eat shit day after day just to reach their summit.

And if you think you can just sit back, double tap motivational memes from your gaming chair, and beat those people…

You’re fucking delusional.

And here’s another dose of reality…

Someone who is less knowledgeable, less financially secure, less talented…

Is gonna double down on their ambitions and fly right by you…


So get off your ass and handle your shit.

Because anything less than that will get you nothing.


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