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There Is No “Secret Sauce”

by | Aug 12, 2023

Every single one of us is fighting a battle no one knows about that causes anxiety, frustration, and heartache.

And when that happens, people start searching for the “secret sauce” to fix everything.

Guess what…

There is no secret sauce.

That’s why…

The answer isn’t going to be found by jumping into a new relationship…

Or at the bottom of a bottle…

Or drugs to “relax the day”…

Or a burnout retreat with a fire walking ceremony.

The secret you’re looking for lives within.

It’s a decision.

A decision not to make the same mistakes twice.

A decision not to be a lazy piece of shit.

A decision to leave behind anyone who doesn’t fully support you.

A decision to not apologize for living YOUR life on YOUR terms.

And until you make the decisions you need to be making…

…you’ll continue to feel desperate, lonely, sad, frustrated, and angry.

Are the good decisions gonna be hard?


They’re hard for me, too.

But until you stop telling yourself that “one day” things will just work themselves out…

Things will never get better for you.


When you decide to become that badass motherfucker you know lives within…

And start taking ambitious, relentless action against your goals with the utmost urgency…

That’s when you’ll find the secret to everything you’re searching for.

You’re just deciding not to go.

So go.

With fire and love,



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