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This Is How You Dominate

by | Sep 6, 2023

If you can’t execute when things don’t go as planned…

…then building your ultimate life is out of the question.

This should not come as a surprise to you.


The mainstream narrative encourages you to give up on yourself.

And, tries to convince you that you can close the gap in your life via the easy path.


You have to shut down this kind of thinking.

You have to turn the channel when you hear these lies…

Or it will cost you everything.

There’s nothing about convenience that equates to mental toughness.


You must teach yourself to execute when you’re tired, frustrated, or your world is crumbling.

That’s where you learn how to dominate your life.

That’s where you learn how to get back to baseline faster.

That’s how you meet other elite over achievers who will champion your success, not tear you down.

So when you wake up and get punched in the teeth first thing in the morning…

…take that as a sign you’re on the right path…

…press harder into that shit and KEEP GOING!

Nothing less should be tolerated.

With fire and love,



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