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This Is How You Shape Your Future

by | May 3, 2022

Who are you?

And more importantly, who could you be, if you were everything you could conceivably be?

Because this is something that most of you struggle with.

Everyone, I believe, has the sense that there is more to them than has yet to be attained…

Hidden behind and thwarted by the sense of regrettable mistakes, cynical attitudes, general tragedies, and the mishaps of life…

An ignorance further complicated by an unwillingness to take full advantage of the opportunities that are obvious to the blind self.

Which obscures the reality that we are solely responsible for our actions and therefore fail to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Which is why…

In a world whose manifestation can kill or destroy you psychologically…

Shoulder the burden of responsibility to do the fucking work of something interesting and meaningful…

By choosing to become everything you could conceivable be…

And then live a life that reflects that decision.

This means, for starters, that you understand that your future is coming.

And this implies something crucial:

The action or inaction you take today, becomes your past tomorrow, and will shape how your future unfolds.

If you want to feel like you’re in control of your life take a look at what you’re doing at this very moment…

And ask yourself…

“Is this something I should be doing right now to shape the past and the future I desire?”

If not…

Then get up and make changes.

Take pride in the details.

Shed outdated perceptions.

Surround yourself with the right people.

Take action regardless of external circumstances.

Learn what you need to learn while disciplining yourself.

Provide value with every interaction.

Discover yourself in the deepest possible place…

…because that is where you must go if you wish to shoulder the burden of becoming everything you could conceivably be.

And when fear strikes you emotionally…

Aim at something profound, and lofty, and noble.

Chase it down.

Notice your missteps along the way.

Face them.

Embrace them.

Iterate from them.

Voluntarily confront what stands in your way and bend your chaos into order.

If you can lean into this thought pattern…

Think about how fucking unstoppable you will feel.

Think about all the times you’ll crush your goals, when in the past you would have folded…

Because while every other average motherfucker will be banging their victim drum on social media chasing double taps for empathy in the land of mediocrity…

You’ll be creating your future you want; in consequence of your pursuit.


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