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This Is The Most Destructive Narrative

by | Apr 21, 2023

One of the most destructive narratives being shoved down everyone’s throat is that everybody deserves to be happy.


Real happiness is not something you “deserve” or are somehow entitled to at birth.

I don’t care what the social media gurus or “feel good movement” says about happiness…

Everything great is paid for in blood, sweat, grit, and sacrifice. 


So, why do you think you should be given anything without putting in the work?

It’s because you haven’t bought into the concept that you have to EARN your happiness…

Which is exactly why your life isn’t where you want it to be…

Mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, etc.

You have to EARN the right to feel good about your body…

You have to EARN the right to feel good about your bank account…

Your happiness is no different.

If you’re sitting around on the couch…

And you’re living a life less than what it could be…

You do not deserve to be happy.

And the longer you hold on to an entitled attitude…

The longer it will take you to gain any real traction in your life.

Remember this…

You aren’t even entitled to feel good about yourself.

You have to EARN THAT S H I T!

With fire and love,


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