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Ignore These People

by | Apr 22, 2023

When we’re young, we’re all told…

“You can grow up and be anything you want to be!”

But as we get older, this narrative begins to change into something completely different.

The same people who looked into our eyes as a kindergartner and encouraged us…

Become the same people who start to discourage our success.

Instead of encouraging you to chase your most ambitious desires…

They try to convince you that radical success is “for other people,” “only the lucky,” “the ones who have more money.”

And why would they do this?

Because these people are cowards.

These people are miserable.

They tried to chase their dreams and failed… and assume you will fail also.


Success is for YOU.

Success is for ALL OF US.

And contrary to what the “feel good movement” will try to tell you about circumstances and luck and not being in control of your life…

You ARE in control.

That’s a fact.

And it’s a fact most people are unwilling to accept because most people are unwilling to het back up after being knocked down.

So they try to convince you to “be more realistic with your life.”


Here’s what you need to understand…

The people you look up to…

The people who you want to be like…

The people who have the life, the wife, the bank account you want…

Are the same people who kept going when they got knocked down…

Regardless of the criticism.

Just wait until the moment those same people who point and laugh at you for having big dreams…

Pull up a chair and ask you how you did it.

It’s a total mindfuck.

And trust me… it feels really damn good!

It’s your OBLIGATION to go out and win and show the next generation what’s possible.

Because of you don’t…

Then who will?

With fire and love,



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