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What You’re Not Changing You’re Choosing

by | Jun 15, 2023

Getting your shit together requires a level of honesty most people are incapable of.

So you have to ask yourself…

What have you been tolerating lately?


Your world is a direct reflection of everything you are willing to tolerate.

I know this from experience so I can tell you with 100% certainty…

If you eat shitty food…

If you cut corners when no one is watching…

If you lower your standards depending on the situation…

If you tolerate people who gossip, complain, whine, bitch, talk about what they “deserve…”

If you spend money going broke to impress people who are broke…

If you skip workouts…

You are tolerating a level of bullshit that will leave you with a lifetime full of regret.

This is equivalent to saying NO to your most ambitious desires in life.

And until you start making YOUR LIFE and YOUR HAPPINESS non-negotiable…

You will continue to lose.

Is it hard to tell people you no longer tolerate their bullshit?


Because the truth is… most people suck.

Most people don’t understand why you would choose to make your life PURPOSEFULLY HARDER.

You’ll sound crazy for raising your standards.

You’ll come across as “unrealistic.”

People will try to convince you to “come back to reality.”

But… if you can push through and understand that other people won’t “get it…”

Your life will change dramatically!


In ways you’ve never even imagined.

So keep your head down and stay the course.

It’s worth it.


With fire and love,



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