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Learn To Embrace The Pressure

by | Jun 16, 2023

One thing I understand about highly successful people…

Is their ability to put themselves under uncomfortable pressure when there is no pressure present.

It’s not that successful people enjoy being miserable…

They just understand that high pressure environments produce the necessary skills and discipline that releases freedom in the future.

Unfortunately, most people are unwilling to seize this opportunity…

Which is why the end up with a life they hate.

Short term gratification is a disease that destroys all potential.

Understand that your ambitions and aspirations will never become achievable without hardships and struggle.

It’s the primary factor in achieving all the shit you claim you want.

Which means…

You’re gonna have to find a way to invite friction into your life where is currently doesn’t exist.

You’re gonna have to cancel vacations and work on holidays.

You’re gonna have to become obsessed.

You’re gonna have to hold higher standards of yourself and never deviate.

Everything you want is on the other side of struggle and pain.

So the next time you sprawl out on the couch with your hand in a bag of potato chips ask yourself…

“What does my future self require me to work on today?”

And if you find yourself slipping in your own standards…

Then get off your ass and handle your shit.

Why would you piss away all your time and energy on exactly what will bring you a lifetime of regret?

Make those decisions you need to RIGHT NOW.

Take actions steps RIGHT NOW.

Get disciplined RIGHT NOW.

When everybody else quits…

Become that badass motherfucker who smiles in the face of struggle.

Make your life purposefully harder.

Learn to embrace the pressure.

It’s there to make you better.

With fire and love,


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