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You Are Leading. People Are Watching.

by | Mar 30, 2023

Just because you haven’t officially been given the title “leader” doesn’t mean you aren’t one.

Have you stopped to consider what kind of example you’re setting for others?

Because I do.

I’m hyper aware of what people could be learning or observing from me…


In fact, I’m pretty obsessed with this.

And, I think my life is better because of it.

So whether you believe this or not…

You are leading.

People are watching.

And they aren’t raising their hands and announcing they’re watching you.

But they are.

Even if you are struggling hard right now… people are watching.

Even if you feel like the biggest piece of shit… people are watching.

And these people are silently watching how you will handle your situation.

They will watch you win in life or they will watch you quit on yourself.

And, they will LITERALLY make decisions in their life based on what the hell you do.

I want you to stop for a minute and let that burn into your brain.

We all lead people.

Whether you’re conscious of it or not…

We all have people who mirror our decisions or model our behavior.

So, I would take a step back and really take a look at what example you’re setting.

Because every single fucking thing you do has a ripple effect in this world.

Your struggle right now isn’t about you.

It never has been.

And that is exactly why it is your OBLIGATION to show others that you are someone who can overcome.

Show others what it means to make your life purposefully harder, hold yourself to a higher standard, love one another, push back against tyranny, and prosper.

Because if you don’t…

Then who will?

With fire and love,



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