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Your Obligation To The Next Generation

by | Sep 5, 2022

On this Labor Day in America, I was on an airplane sitting next to a gentleman 15 years my senior. He talked to me about being disgusted with the upcoming generation who doesn’t want to put in the work.

You know what I mean when I say “work?”

It’s the elbow grease that forces you into an uncomfortable level of difficulty that makes you wanna quit, but you don’t.

This gentleman I was sitting next to is an engineer by trade and currently the CEO of a major manufacturing firm he built from scratch.

At his company you have to actually work with your hands.

He talked about how he pays his employees, on average, $15,000 more per year plus FULL benefits. He said “the employees under 30 years old don’t understand how good they have it.”

He told me that the first question a potential employee asks in an interview is, “Can I work from home part of the time?”

He said to me… “How can I help members of my community understand that hard work is going to take you further in life?”

I had an answer for him that most of you who follow me on social media know by now.

So… for today’s post… I find it fitting to remind my AMBITIOUS AF’ers of this message:

On government holidays or extended weekends, most choose to look for a reason to not put in the work.

They take the day off.

They put their feet up.

They take a “breather.”

Most importantly, they put their goals on hold.

When life presents you with a difficult choice or an easy choice…

ALWAYS choose the difficult choice.

When I look back on my life and the multiple times that choices that were presented to me…

Every time I chose the easy path…

I got fucked.

Every time I chose the path with more resistance and difficulty…

I was rewarded.

When it comes to your life…

You should take this concept very seriously.

True greatness and a life lived without regret is always built on the path with most resistance…

Not sometimes…


On top of this concept here’s another that is fitting today as well:

If you want to change the way this country is headed, it starts with the individual.

If you want to change shit…

Start with yourself.

And show people what it’s like to make your life purposefully harder.

Show people what it’s like to be a leader.

Live your life in a way you want your neighbors to live theirs.

If you are whining about the state of the world today, and you are unwilling to put in the work to make your own life better…

You aren’t doing your fucking part.

The only way any of this gets fixed, is if you become the change you want to see in the world.

Too many of you are willing to rant, bitch, complain, point fingers, and scream into the phone.

Not enough of you are willing to DO THE WORK…

Why should you take on this challenge?

Because this world is desperate for leadership…

It’s a job that needs to be done…

And no one else is gonna fucking do it.

Might as well be you.


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