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What You Do On The Weekend Matters

by | Nov 20, 2022

How you’ve chosen to spend your weekends is why you’re living inside the life you are right now.

While average people use Friday and Saturday nights to go out and get drunk, wake up with nasty hangovers, and succumb to regret the next morning…

Dedicated champions use this time to double down on their future self.

Instead of wasting time on a bunch of shit that will get them nowhere in life…

Champions spend time reading personal development literature, consciously parenting, getting to bed early, making healthy food choices, developing their skillset, doubling down on their discipline, and anything else that helps them level up.

Imagine how much different your life would look like if you were productive every single weekend…


Imagine the information you could learn.

Imagine what your body would look like.

Imagine how much more progress you could make.

Imagine the skillset you could develop.

Because I can promise you this…

You’re either getting better…

Or you’re getting crushed by someone who is.

So before you bitch and moan about how unfair life is for you…

Consider the hard truth…

You aren’t putting in the fucking work that everybody else is.

Today is Sunday, and I’m posting this message to you on this day for a reason…

If you choose to do something TODAY that pushes the progress forward in your life rather than wasting time scrolling mindlessly through your apps…

Your life will look dramatically different.

And remember this…

The choice to move forward today is yours and yours alone.

With fire and love,



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