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Trust Your Plan

by | Nov 17, 2022

I see more people who set out to accomplish a new goal (especially around the New Year)…

They make some kind of a plan to reach that goal…

They get super excited…

Take a few steps forward in the right direction…

Start gaining momentum…

Get some wins under their belt…

Then get smashed in the face with some sort of setback.

And instead of picking back up where they left off…

They trash their entire goal and develop some new goal that’s usually easier, quicker, and less stressful.

Which takes their entire focus and energy off their original plan.

They tell themselves that their original plan was, “flawed from the start.”

They listen to the voice that says, “you’ll fail again if you try.”

They convince themselves that, “circumstances are to blame.”

When in reality…

It’s not their plan…

It’s not their circumstances…

It’s THEM.

And because they haven’t developed the endurance required to persevere long enough to see their original plan bear fruit…

They end up in a worse situation than when they began.

This is exactly why most people struggle in life.

And it’s one of the biggest reasons your dreams will die forever.

If you’re the type who always quits a program half way through and then hops to the next program…

Or doesn’t ever see any of your goals through to the end…

Don’t shake your head in dismay wondering why shit isn’t working out for you.

This is precisely why you’ll never be successful in life.

If you keep quitting on your goals, you’ll always be caught in the cycle of achieving nothing but more problems.

So quit quitting on yourself when shit gets hard.

It’s supposed to be hard.

It’s supposed to teach you lessons.

It’s supposed to sharpen your iron.

Trust your path.

Develop a strong backbone.

Quit being a fucking sheep.

And keep executing no matter how many times you get your ass kicked.

If you learn how to take quitting off the table…

It will open the door to everything for you…

And more.

With fire and love,


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