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There Is No “Secret”

by | Sep 23, 2023

The super secret sauce you’re looking for on the internet search engine that will take your life to the next level is already inside you.

It always has been.

It’s a decision.

A decision to stop procrastinating.

A decision to stop playing the victim.

A decision to stomp on any motherfucker who gets in your way.

The reason you’re so exhausted is because you’re fighting your natural instinct to chase your most ambitious desires.

Stop fighting your ambition.

Stop fighting the drive to press forward toward your true purpose.

This is only keeping you frustrated, angry, and confused.

Start making the decision to run full speed ahead and build your ultimate life.

That’s the real you.

That’s who you were meant to become.

That’s why you were put on this earth.

When you do this you will automatically break free from the struggle you continue to keep spinning inside…

…and you will find a sense of release you never thought was possible.

It’s freeing.

It’s mind blowing.

It’s who you truly are.

And if you can do this (and you CAN do this)…

…don’t forget to shine a light on the pathway you’ve built and be courageous enough to bring others along.

With fire and love,


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