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Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!

by | Jan 25, 2022

It’s more than popular right now to be told to think happy and upbeat thoughts.

That’s fine.

But, it’s not a mental toughness strategy.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s see you walk dead center into your next shitstorm with, “everything-is-better-with-a Christmas-tree” thoughts.

Your face is gonna get happily smashed back into reality.

So sure… think happy-go-lucky thoughts into the universe, but that won’t obliterate mental barriers or claim ownership of the most efficient mastery of the mind; in the immediate or the long term.


This is how you win.

All that time you spend scrolling through bullshit that tries to convince you that happy thoughts take away all your problems, should be focused on building or refining your mental toughness.

Grit is EARNED.

Perseverance is EARNED.

Endurance is EARNED.

Determination is EARNED.

Everybody is searching for the easy path, the quick fix, and the door of opportunity to fling wide open.

But you know the truth…

…the truth deep down.

You know what you’re hiding from your family, friends, colleagues, social media profile…

…you’re hiding the potential you’re leaving on the table.

And that’s why all those happy thoughts make you feel like shit.

👉 Want a better bank account?

👉 Want a better house?

👉 Want a better body?

👉 Want to build a legacy?

Then go cry havoc on yourself!

Make your life purposefully harder.

Do the shit that scares you until it doesn’t anymore.

Do the real work that makes you feel like an outsider.

The kind of real work that no one sees or celebrates.

The emotional work that makes you feel like a fucking outsider.

This is how you become happy.

Not the other way around.

I don’t feel great about every single aspect of my life… 

…but you can be damn sure that I’m doubling down in areas I need to be doing better in…

…every single day!

Are you?

With fire,



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