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Earn Your Sleep

by | Feb 1, 2022

Everything you see on social media is about getting motivated and staying motivated.


Motivation is the new buzz word.

You know why?

👉 It’s good for business.

Don’t get me wrong.

Motivation can be a strong driving force in business and in life.

And for some, it’s the only reason to get out of bed for the day.

But you have to ask yourself…

Are you seeking motivation from outside factors or influences?

Are you waiting around for someone else to motivate you?

If this is the case…

You’ve got it all fucking backwards.

You aren’t meant to level up.

The champions who dominate their space…

The champions who are the top 1%…

Wake up and kick ass every single day.

They don’t wait for floofy-floofy clichĂ©s or someone to tell them how awesome they are…

…and neither should you.

Here’s the truth…

…no one you look up to, listen to, are friends with, or follow on social media can make you fight with every ounce of strength in your mind and body. 

Only you can make that happen.

You should square your shoulders and stare down your demons directly in the eye… every single day; regardless of what you hear on a podcast.

You should clench your teeth and welcome the throat punch life brings (knowing it hurts like fuck) every single day; regardless of what you see on social media.

You should collapse in bed at night from outworking everyone else, becoming more of who you are, giving more of yourself to others, LONGER, HARDER, AND BETTER THAN ANYONE ON THIS FUCKING PLANET… every single day; regardless of your circumstances.

Because THAT is how you earn your sleep every night.

If you aren’t spending every waking moment building the life of your dreams… then what the hell are you waiting for?

If you don’t believe in your own ability…

If you don’t believe you can make yourself happy…

If you don’t believe you have the capability to chase your most ambitious desires…

If you don’t want to make your life purposefully harder…

If you don’t want to embrace the mentally strong mindset that keeps you from spinning inside a hamster wheel right before you land face first back into the life you secretly hate…

…life isn’t going to try and change your mind.

What you don’t realize is this… life gives zero fucks, and then you die.

Life isn’t standing around waiting to pat you on the back for handling your shitstorms.

Life reaches out to shake your hand and then punches you in the face.

Life congratulates you and then amplifies your inner critic.

Life does not bubble wrap motivation and deliver it to your doorstep.

Life is not impressed by your talent.

Life does not offer an explanation.

Life does not apologize.


Quit hiding from the pressure.

Start embracing that evil bitch called PRESSURE and enjoy her stench.

Quit talking shit.

And start doing shit that’s effective TODAY!!

This is the only way you will truly begin to find fulfillment in your life.

It’s up to you to make it happen.

With fire,



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