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Don’t Slow Down For Anyone

by | Oct 4, 2022

Want to prove the people wrong who don’t believe in you?

Want to get back at those who talk the most shit about you?

Here’s how:

Build a life so undeniably great…

Become the very best human possible…

That when people spread lies, try to smear your character, or doubt your intentions…

Nobody believes it.

There will be people who are negative because they aren’t where you are in life.

And they’ll use your success as an excuse to bitch.

They try so hard to infect your goals with their negativity.

Because mediocre people try really hard to keep you mediocre, too.

They don’t really hate you…

They hate their own situation.

And remember this:

You can’t worry about what anyone is going to think or say when you’re on your journey.

You have to worry about you.

The truth is…

Your inner circle right now won’t be able to relate to you the same way forever.

They will perceive you as a different person…

Because you WILL be a different person.

And as you get further down the road you’re on…

And you progress…

And you become the person you deserve to become…

You will form new relationships with people who will help propel you forward…

And these relationships are so much more fulfilling because they align with your current journey and the person you are becoming…

Instead of holding you back.

Don’t slow down for anyone.

That’s true freedom!

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