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Focus On The Process

by | Nov 13, 2022

I spent the entire week at Ft. BRAGG in Fayetteville, North Carolina with United States Special Operations Forces and you don’t hang out with snipers all day long and not learn things…

Average people are obsessed with the end result of their work.

Because they say things like…

“Once I finish this project, I’m done!”

“After this goal is complete, I can relax!”

On the other hand…

Champions think differently.

They love the adventure of it all.

They seek new experiences.

They enjoy the journey and the struggle simultaneously.

When they achieve their mission they move onto the next.

If they don’t achieve their mission they still keep moving.

Instead of focusing on the end result…

They hone in on the mission’s PROCESS.

That’s why they keep winning.

And because they commit to the mission’s process…

The end goal keeps growing.

This is a concept the mediocre will never understand…

…and the entire reason most people never achieve what they want out of life.

Stop placing all your focus on the end result.


Focus on how you are alive right now.

Focus on how you are capable of anything.

Focus on complete domination over your life.

Focus on new opportunities and they will appear.

Focus on executing daily tasks that bring you closer to becoming the person you truly want to be in your heart.

You want to be successful?

Quit trying to fly under the radar in life doing the least amount possible.

And start contributing every ounce of your energy into the process of your mission.

If you do this…

…you will always win!

With fire and love,



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