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You Have What It Takes Whether You Believe That Or Not

by | Nov 14, 2022

I can feel that you’re worn and if you’re struggling right now…

Keep in mind that this moment is leading you into what you will become.


You may be PHYSICALLY broken.

You may be FINANCIALLY broken.

Your long term RELATIONSHIP may have just told you, “this isn’t working out.”

You may have been DIAGNOSED with a life changing illness.

You may be on the BRINK of losing your job, income, sanity, or all of the above.

And now you’re debating two paths…

👉🏽 Give up or keep going.

👉🏽 Blame someone or shoulder the burden.

👉🏽 Cut corners or take the harder path.

I know you have a lot of shit in your lap and it’s beating you down so hard and leaving marks.

But, that’s irrelevant.

What you need to realize is this:

You don’t need a college degree to fight for yourself.

You don’t need motivational memes to change your trajectory.

You don’t need to Google “how to live life better.”

You just need a reminder that you’re a fucking WARRIOR!

And you have exactly what it takes to muscle through this place you call rock bottom…

…even though it seems like your world is ending and everything is falling apart.

Because here’s what will happen next:

Time will pass…

You will dust off your courage and find your fire to fight for yourself…

And realize you are fully capable of getting through this…

And you’ll end up looking back on this point in life like the badass motherfucker you are…

…because you will be in a much better place than you were before…

All because you didn’t quit on yourself.

So for today…


Do whatever it takes to push through.

It’s worth it.

It always is. 💙

With fire and love,


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