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Handle Your Shit

by | Apr 11, 2022

Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.

~ William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

I’ve had hundreds of people tell me they are “thinking of making a big change in life…” which is sad because if you are “thinking” about it you are 99% NOT likely to make any changes whatsoever.

Not because you don’t have the knowledge or ability.

But because you’re thinking about “not doing it,” which indicates you’re not willing to handle your shit.

And that means…

…you’re not willing to make the one decision that would unleash a furious change in your life that forces you down a path which includes suffering and heartache…

…with darkness and solitude likely to follow.

Right now, it’s the path of most resistance for you.

A path with new frustrations and new pains and new sacrifices.

A path that scares the shit out of you.

And so…

You don’t make any changes whatsoever and pray every night to fall asleep before you fall apart.

You keep engaging in interpersonal relationships that are barely functional.

You rationalize why you continue to leave your goals unaccomplished.

You face-palm the shit out of yourself for the intangible mystery of life you seemingly cannot figure out that keeps you crying in your pillow at night.

And this is why the details of your life remain the same and the bullshit continues; a scene you get to play out every night in front of a party of one. 


“Oh well, I’m fucked, might as well just keep hiding in the shadows of my life for the next decade… or longer.”

Now this is the part of my article where I’m gonna to call you out on your shit in a way that punches you in the throat and wakes you the fuck up… expect it to hurt.


And this is what I mean…

You keep yourself in a perpetual state of fucking yourself over so that you can continue to victimize yourself from the decisions you made that fucked you over in the first place.

I’ll connect the dots for you…

You’ve become so infatuated by your own suffering that you can’t see it’s an illusion.

You actually believe that “this is all there is” in life.

And this is why you never take the first step in making any type of progress toward handling your shit that would springboard you into the life you love.

And that means you never see the opportunities that are literally right in front of you…

…and why you never better yourself or anyone else around you.

And this is the cycle that most of you are in.

But, when you force the miserable-keep-you-awake-at-night-details-of-your-life front and center that you’ve been avoiding, process those details all the way through, and you handle your shit like the warrior you are…

…you begin to embrace your true perspective on what actually matters in life.

And all of this is based in, organized around, and interwoven in the idea that once you take that first step toward handling your shit, your glory awaits – whatever your definition of that is.

The happiest people you look up to don’t go around “thinking” about whether or not to take action in their life in order to be content or successful.

They don’t say to themselves, “what if this doesn’t work out and I lose everything?”

They don’t worry about being laughed at or judged.

They don’t focus on the complete solitude that comes from shedding everything toxic in their life.

They say, “Bring it, motherfucker!”

And that’s the difference between people who don’t live with regret and everybody else.


It’s your job to break down and recreate what is old and poisonous and outdated in your life.

It’s asking a lot.

It’s asking everything.

And your willingness to take on this responsibility is identical to the decision of embracing and living a meaningful life.

To the casual observer, this may seem hilarious… unnecessary even.

But, there is nothing more common than the journey to a truly superior life left unexplored by unhappy people.

Would you rather keep being miserable?

Or would you rather live your life on FULL TILT chasing amazing experiences, memories, adventure, success?

If we each lean into life full tilt, with more curiosity, we will collectively flourish.

Step into the light and show the world who you are.

Do it with your actions.

Do it by remaining disciplined to your goals.

Do it by working hard to raise the bar on your life to a certain level.

Do it by stepping on any motherfucker who gets in your way.


Promise yourself to not sulk in self-pity.

Promise yourself you will quit making excuses.

Promise yourself you will go to battle.

Promise yourself you will fight for what you deserve.

PROMISE YOURSELF you will pour every fucking ounce of your energy and heart and soul into handling your shit and then VIOLENTLY COMMIT!

That’s when who you could be, becomes more important than who you were.

It’s time to live more ambitiously.

It’s time to handle your shit.

And reveal your bold future.

At the end of the day, your willingness to do this is yours and yours alone.

With fire,



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