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Never Wrestle With Pigs

by | Apr 16, 2022

Here’s your reality check today…

Some of you look stupid af with your passive aggressive hater comments.

You need to understand something…

Nobody gives a damn but you.

To the rest of you…

No reaction is a reaction and it sends a powerful message.

When people try to fuck with your vibe you don’t have to react.

Understand it’s a “them” problem…

Mind your business and keep moving forward.

The care bear motherfuckers will never get it.

Nor how hard you’ve worked to get where you are or what you have done for them.

And when shit hits the fan in their life, they’ll blame you anyhow.

Those people aren’t worth your time or energy.

When they try to get a reaction from you let them waste their energy.

When you don’t react, it makes them look stupid af!

And it speeds up their own destruction.

Keep moving forward on your own terms while they sit in their parents’ basement typing bullshit from their gaming chair.

You’ll be moving forward and they won’t.

Never wrestle with pigs.

You both get covered in shit and the pigs love it.

With fire,



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