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“I’m Trying” Is Not Doing

by | Mar 30, 2022

The ultimate cop out in life is this phrase… “I’m trying.”

We all know people who TRY something new…

People who TRY to start a new business.

People who TRY to lose the weight for good.

People who TRY to make positive changes.

And instead of leaning into the commitment FULL TILT…

They “dabble around” and “give it a try” so they can justify their half ass effort just in case they fail.

👉🏼 Ego at its finest.

People who “dabble around” and “try” are people who fucking lose.

If you actually want to reach new heights…

If you actually want to accomplish anything significant…

If you actually want to look back without regret…

You need to develop the ability to double down and execute at FULL TILT regardless of potential failure.

Because while all the other average motherfuckers will be out there “trying…”

You’ll be out there crushing it and making progress. 

You’ll be lightspeed years ahead of everyone else.

Think about how fucking unstoppable you will feel!

Your hesitation to fully commit is only making it harder.

With fire,



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