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“I’m Offended” Is Mentally Weak

by | Mar 23, 2022

“I’M OFFENDED!” is a mentally weak statement made by people who are the piss droplet in their own lives.

They’re OFFENDED by your actions.

They’re OFFENDED by your thoughts.

They’re OFFENDED by your achievements, goals, ability to think beyond the confinement of societal norms.

These people will try everything to drag you down to their level.

Because misery loves to be OFFENDED.

Quit worrying about these losers.

I don’t know anyone who is considered truly successful by anyone’s standards… who is offended easily.

Not one.

And when I’m around radically successful people…

The ones who are so focused on moving the needle in their own life…

The ones who always lend a healing hand…

The ones who embrace humility…

Don’t really give a fuck if what they do, say, act OFFENDS the other guy.

Because they know for every one person who is OFFENDED…

They are inspiring 100 others to do something great in their lives.

Don’t deny those people who would otherwise be inspired by you…

By being a weak little bitch who is too afraid because the carebears are OFFENDED from their gaming chair in mommy’s basement.

Here’s the truth: 

Your character.

Your daily actions.

Your life.

Will speak for itself.

Burn that into your brain!



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