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Stop Selling Yourself Short

by | Apr 8, 2023

This world is not changed by your opinion, it’s changed by your actions.

None of the people you look up to have special superpowers.

They weren’t “born lucky” or had fairy dust sprinkled on them. 

They are just normal people like you…

And me.

Whatever potential and ability you see in them…

Is also in you.

The difference is…

They didn’t quit after one punch to the teeth…

They didn’t quit during a real bad day…

They didn’t quit when shit got hard…

They kept going.

The work you do when no one is watching…

Is exactly what produces the results they’ll be clapping about later.

Stop selling yourself short.

You just haven’t committed to the discipline and process.

So commit.

And NEVER fucking stop.

Because at some point…

This world needs badass motherfuckers.

May as well be you.

With fire and love,


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