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Winning Is Not A Destination

by | Apr 6, 2023

Nobody cares what you did yesterday.

They only care about what you do today.

You may have completely dominated your day yesterday.

You may have stood on stage and received a standing ovation yesterday.

You may have been the very best yesterday.

But the only way you’re gonna keep winning long term is if you show up, handle your shit, and produce results.

And not just today…


I see so many people who pick up a few wins and think they’ve “made it.”

They pump the brakes on their ambition.

And then completely become irrelevant.

Understand this…

Winning is not a destination.

That’s what losers think.

Winning is an event that you try to replicate inside your journey over and over again.

Show up.

Produce results.

Never fucking stop.

With fire and love,


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