Your Weekend Plans Tell The Truth

What you choose to do on the weekend will ultimately dictate the outcome of your life. While average people use Friday and Saturday nights to go out fake ballin', wake up with nasty hangovers, and succumb to regret the next morning... Dedicated champions use this time...

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Trust Your Plan

I see more people who set out to accomplish a new goal (especially around the New Year)... They make some kind of a plan to reach that goal... They get super excited... Take a few steps forward in the right direction... Start gaining momentum... Get some wins under...

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You Have What It Takes

I can feel that you’re worn and if you’re struggling right now… Keep in mind that this moment is leading you into what you will become. Today… You may be PHYSICALLY broken. You may be FINANCIALLY broken. Your long term RELATIONSHIP may have just told you, “this isn’t...

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Focus On The Process

I spent the entire week at Ft. BRAGG in Fayetteville, North Carolina with United States Special Operations Forces and you don’t hang out with snipers all day long and not learn things… Average people are obsessed with the end result of their work. Because they say...

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Stop Quitting On Yourself

I'm living it up at Ft BRAGG this week with the Special Operations Forces teams and here's another takeaway from talking to United States Special Operations Forces Snipers all day long... It's one thing to talk about pursuing your goals. It's another to actually see...

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Execute Through The Chaos

I’m at FORT BRAGG military base this week hanging out with Special Operations Forces and here’s my message to you… How many people do you know who whine and bitch when they have a “bad day” or claim their “luck ran out?” If you watch these people closer… They allow...

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Welcome The Pain

Life isn’t easy. Stop expecting it to be.  The best thing you can do is to keep going when you feel like quitting. There were more than a handful of times I was certain my business would fail. Plenty of days I barely had one dollar to my name. And many nights I was...

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Winners Take Responsibility

I have ZERO empathy for people who walk around complacent. For people who lack ambition. For people who don’t execute consistently. For people who whine and bitch about how the universe hates them. These people always bang their victim drum and point fingers at...

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Expect Solitude From Raising Your Standards

Choose your inner circle WISELY. Your success in business and life has a lot to do with those who you surround yourself with. Think hard about your current inner circle. Are these people championing your SUCCESS? Or are they poking fun at your ambitions? Are these...

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How To Start Winning In Life

“I WISH I could make more money, my life would be so much easier!” “I WISH I was born with better genetics, then I would lose the weight for good!” “I WISH my parents weren’t so shitty growing up, I would probably be a CEO by now!” Have you caught yourself saying...

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Eliminate The Toxicity Immediately

When you’re working hard to build the life you want, you’re going to have relationships that impede your progress.I’m talking about the people who remind you of your every flaw.They take jabs at your dreams.They point and laugh at your ambitions.These are often our...

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Expect The Struggles

I get asked this question all the time… “Hey Erin… don’t you ever feel like saying fuck it and walk away from all the pressure?”And my answer is always the same…“EVERY DAMN DAY!”The gurus would have you believe that you should be working 29 hours a day…And never...

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